Burger Night

I’ve been off travelling for the past few weeks, so blogging has fallen off my radar.  So great to see friends and family (and have the ability where I can work anywhere) but it’s also so great to be back home.  Recently, Chris and I had the chance to try a bistro in our neighborhood with some of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted.



Wild Blueberry Scones

The other weekend C and I were lucky enough to go hiking in a place which we heard had a lovely secret- wild blueberries. The hike was called Graveyard Fields, and (despite the creepy name) it was one of my favorite areas yet we’ve discovered during our hikes. After getting a nice stockpile of berries, I baked up a guilt-free batch of wild blueberry scones with our pickins’.




Being as this blog is intended to showcase my love of food (desserts being at the top of that list- no shame here) it was very appropriate that my boyfriend and I got to check out the newly-opened Nightbell this past weekend.  It’s a 20′s themed restaurant and lounge specializing in hand-crafted cocktails and decadent desserts.  It’s run by the famous chef Katie Button, who has already been nominated twice for a James Beard Award, and has a sister restaurant nearby called Curate.  I had been waiting like an excited kid all week to go- we put on our finest and headed over.



Chicken Apple Pesto Pizza

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I have a love for all combinations salty and sweet- chocolate and peanut butter, sea salt and caramel, pretzels and m&ms…the list could go on forever. Instead of listing all of those, I have a recipe that was inspired by my sister. She created an amazing sandwich known as the pesto chicken sandwich (I dream about it often) that everyone in my family loves, and I thought of my own spin I wanted to try out.

photo 1